ABB Switchgear Manual 10th Edittion 2001

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    ABB Switchgear Manual

    More than 50 years after publication of the first edition of the BBC Switchgear Manual
    by A. Hoppner, we present to you the current edition of today's ABB Calor Emag
    Switchgear Manual in the internet the first time. As always, it is intended for both
    experienced switchgear professionals as well as beginners and students.

    The ABB Calor Emag Switchgear Manual addresses all relevant aspects of switchgear
    technology for power transmission and distribution. Not only the technology of low, medium
    and high voltage switchgear and apparatus is considered but also related areas such as
    digital control systems, CAD/CAE methods, project planning, network calculation, electromagnetic
    compatibility (EMC), etc.

    here is link download:

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