Điều khiển trong robot và tự động hóa (Control in Robotics and Automation)

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    Control in Robotics and Automation: Sensor Based Integration
    Publisher: Academic Press | ISBN: 0122818458 | edition 1999 | PDF | 441 pages | 27,9 mb

    Microcomputer technology and micromechanical design have contributed to recent rapid advances in Robotics. Particular advances have been made in sensor technology that allow robotic systems to gather data and react "intelligently" in flexible manufacturing systems. The analysis and recording of the data are vital to controlling the robot. In order to solve problems in control and planning for a Robotic system it is necessary to meet the growing need for the integration of sensors in to the system. Control in Robotics and Automation addresses this need. This book covers integration planning and control based on prior knowledge and real-time sensory information. A new task-oriented approach to sensing, planning and control introduces an event-based method for system design together with task planning and three dimensional modeling in the execution of remote operations.

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    Link này die mất rùi. Bạn up lại giúp được không? Thanks

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